Cerulean Farm Horses ~SOLD~

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Cerulean Fly By Night, IDSH ~SOLD~

Bridon Belfrey, RID X HPMC/CM Good Reason, Han.

2017 Bay Irish Draught Sport Horse Stallion, 4 white socks

Should mature at 16.2+ hands

Congratulations to Rachel of San Diego on her purchase of this extraordinary, athletic boy! Fly will soar to new heights in Hunters/Jumpers, Eventing, trail riding and At Liberty work in his new forever home!! 

Coleta carousel horse.jpg

Cerulean Coleta, Ameritano, IALHA, IBHA  ~SOLD~

E. Preto, Lusitano, APSL Revised~IALHA X Jaz SD Calypso, AQHA, NFQHA, IBHA

2018 Grulla Ameritano, Azteca Filly

Should mature at 15.2 

Congratulations to Lisa of San Diego on her purchase of this fine filly! Coleta will enjoy At Liberty Equine Dance, Dressage and Trail Riding. We are so excited to follow Coleta's adventures with Lisa!!

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